Artificial silk flowers today are of the highest quality. Long gone are the days of embarrassing plastic flowers. Today’s artificial flowers are so realistic that it is often difficult to discern if they are real or not and many a time I’ve seen people amazed that the flowers they thought were fresh are indeed artificial.

There are many advantages of artificial silk flowers:


It is possible to have the flowers of your choice whatever the season


If you suffer with hay fever or have an allergy to pollen artificial silk flowers provide a wonderful solution. Many people love lilies and other highly scented flowers but cannot tolerate their scent. Artificial silk flowers will allow you to have the blooms of your choice without the red eyes and runny nose

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Fresh flowers are no longer allowed on hospital wards and an arrangement of artificial flowers can convey your caring message without worry. There is no hassle if you have artificial silk flowers of changing vase water, de-heading, smelly vases or accidentally spilling water


No matter how careful you are, fresh flowers are delicate and easily damaged. Artificial silk flowers will not go limp, bruise or wilt and with care will last a long time

Easy to deliver, post and packaging

We have sent hundreds of artificial silk flower arrangements including overseas. We use basic packaging boxes but our arrangements are always gift wrapped in cellophane, tissue and bubble wrap and beautifully presented. The box is sealed with fragile tape. We want the flowers to arrive to you in the same perfect condition they left us.

Cost effective

Fresh flowers are understandably expensive not only in season but especially out of season. For example, fresh peonies can now be brought in December but there is a price tag that follows. Quality artificial silk flowers may seem expensive at the onset but you will be buying them to last for many years making the price very attractive.


Many fresh flowers and plants need certain conditions for them to thrive and keep alive. Artificial silk flowers can be placed almost anywhere within reason, the darkest of corners, windowless rooms and next to radiators. However to prolong their lifespan they should not be placed in direct sunlight or used outdoors for too long.

Low maintenance

To keep your artificial silk flowers in prime condition it only takes a careful dusting or quick blow with a hairdryer on the cold setting to restore to pristine condition again.

Pet friendly

Some flowers and plants may cause an allergic reaction if eaten by your pet. Artificial silk flowers and plants can overcome this problem and you can still have the beauty of a plant without the worry to your pet.

A great finishing touch to any room

We all know how flowers are an essential part of any room. Artificial silk flowers can provide instant colour, bringing a ‘touch of the garden’ indoors, or simply making someone’s day very happy.